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Deliver Goods


Deliver Goods





We follow our procedures when shipping to our customers


Packaging: Before shipping, ensure that the product is properly packaged to prevent damage or distortion. Choose the packaging materials suitable for the product, such as cartons, foam, bubble film, etc., and pay attention to the appropriate protective materials for the product.


Labels and identification: Each package should be marked with clearly readable labels that include the name, address, contact information, and other necessary information of the sender and recipient. On packaging or products, labels or logos may also be used to indicate special requirements or warnings for the product.


Logistics Management: Select reliable logistics service providers to ensure that products reach their destinations on time and safely. Cooperate with logistics service providers and provide required information such as product quantity, weight, size, etc. Track the logistics process to ensure that products reach their destination on time.


Notify customers: Prior to shipment, send a notice to customers informing them that the product has been shipped and providing the corresponding tracking number and other necessary information so that they are kept informed of the shipment status of the product.


Shipping records: Ensure that every shipment is recorded, including shipping date, product quantity, logistics service provider, etc. This will help track the shipment of the product and resolve any possible issues.


After-sales service: Once the product is shipped, contact the customer in a timely manner to confirm that they have received the product and ensure that the product meets their expectations. Provide timely after-sales service to solve any problems that may arise and ensure customer satisfaction.


We will follow these steps and manage your goods well, we can ensure that your products arrive at your location safely and provide good customer service.