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Product Inspection


Product Inspection

Before shipment, inspection is a very important step to ensure that the shipped goods meet the quality and specifications.



Appearance inspection: Check that the surface of the sheet is flat and see if there are any obvious scratches, dents, cracks or repair marks.


Specification check: Check whether the size, thickness, width and length of the goods delivered meet your requirements. Use measuring tools to verify the actual size of the sheet.


Material check: Confirm that the material of the issued sheet is correct. Check the raw materials and manufacturing process of the sheet according to your requirements. You can check by referring to the relevant standards or technical requirements.


Quantity check: To ensure that the quantity of goods shipped is consistent with the order. Calculate the quantity of sheet and confirm that it matches the quantity in the contract or order.


Packaging inspection: Check whether the packaging of the board is intact to prevent damage during transportation. Ensure that the packaging is strong enough and that appropriate protective materials are used.


We will check the shipment for you according to the above requirements.