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Stock: Our board stock is fully stocked to provide you with quality boards in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials. 

Whether you need to renovate your home, carry out construction works or engage in furniture manufacturing, we have a panel product to suit your needs. 

Our board stock covers a wide range of materials, including solid wood, wood-based panels, MDF boards, plywood and more. Whether you are looking for a natural, classic solid wood texture, or are more interested in environmentally friendly and economical wood-based panels, we can meet your requirements. 

Our sheet stock covers a large area and can be used for large-scale furniture production, renovation works and various construction projects. You don't have to worry about supply shortages or mismatches, we have enough stock to meet your needs. 

Choose the sheet you need now! Our sales team will provide you with professional advice and support to help you choose the most suitable sheet products. We promise to meet your needs with reasonable prices, quality service and fast delivery times. Don't hesitate to contact our team today to choose the best sheet solution for your project and business!