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Cypress wood wall panels

What are the unique characteristics of paulownia board?

Paulownia wood is known for its beautiful texture and surface gloss. After processing, it can present a silky light and three-dimensional texture, which makes paulownia board very popular in furniture production and architectural decoration. In addition, paulownia wood has good stability, uniform structure, is easy to process, and has good moisture and insect resistance, is not easy to burn, and is also easy to color and paint.

Explore the beauty of nature and embrace the charm of teak!

The Versatile Uses of Ash Wood

How much do you know about cypress wood boards?

The application of spruce wood board

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About Us


Company Profile


  Heze LinkedIn Woodwork Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-quality solid wood panels and melamine decorative panels. The company is located in central China and is renowned for its timber industry and resources. With this advantage, it has become one of the largest wooden board processing and sales enterprises in China.

  Heze Linkedin Woodwork Co., Ltd can provide paulownia wood board, poplar wood board, carbonized wood board, pine wood board, spruce edge glued panels, rubber wood finger jointed board and melamine faced board. This company can also meet your requirement according to your specifications. No matter what dimensions and shapes are, he always has the confidence to be in a position to quote you the most advantageous prices for high quality products.



About the Founder



  Mr.Hailong Su is a native Heze people who began working as a teen in his family’s wood processing workshop. His father run a small workshop for wood processing when he was a little boy, he likes to help his father do woodwork after school. He is so crazy about wood under the effect of his father. Rely on the rich wood material in local, Mr.Su started to sell different material wood board to other provinces in China when he was a teenager. By 2010 he was managing the entire operation, being involved in everything from buy wood material to wood material treatment, machining to package to build a quality end product. The sales volum keeps increasing 20% every year. Now Linkedin Woodwork Co., Ltd is the top 5 manufacturer of solid wood board and melamine board in China.




Development History


2010:Rely on the rich raw material in our local, we build Heze Linkedin Woodwork Co., Ltd. And produce paulownia wood edge glued panels and poplar wood edge glued panels.


2015: According to customer’s requirement, we start to process drawer board, wall panel, coffin board and snow board for them and they assemble then sell out.


2017: Buy two sets of carbonization kiln and developed our special wood treatment technology for cabonized wood board. Our new products arrived, such as carbonized paulownia wood board, carbonized poplar wood board and burned paulownia wood board.


2018: We add artificial board to meet market needs. Such as plywood, MDF board, particle board, OSB.


2023: We buy two heat press machines to produce melamine faced board. The based board can be plywood, MDF, particle board and solid wood. There are more than hundreds of colors and wood textures for you choose.


Future: We will add more and more wood materials to meet customers different uses. And we will add processing workshop for semi-finished products, help customers save their energy and cost.