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The advantages of MDF

The advantages of MDF

Sarah 2023-08-03 08:34:32

Density board (MDF) has the following advantages:


Uniform and consistent: Due to the use of fine wood fibers and more adhesives, the density board has a very uniform structure and density, making its performance basically consistent in all directions.


Easy to process: The uniform structure and stable performance of the density board make it very easy to cut, drill, carve and process various shapes. Whether it is manual operation or mechanical operation, it can get more ideal processing effect.


High strength: Compared with other similar materials, density board has higher strength and load capacity. It is not easy to break or deform and can withstand a certain amount of pressure and weight.


Good surface quality: Due to the fine fiber and uniform density of the density board, it has a relatively smooth and smooth surface, easy to paint, spray paint and veneer surface treatment.


Environmental protection: Density board is an artificial board made of wood fiber and adhesive as the main raw materials, which can use wood resources more effectively than solid wood board. In addition, resource recycling and waste utilization can be achieved in the production process to reduce environmental pollution.


Price economy: Relative to solid wood board, the price of density board is more economical, the cost is lower, and it can provide more choices and more competitive prices.


In summary, the density board has the advantages of uniformity, easy processing, high strength, good surface quality, environmental protection and economy, so it is widely used in furniture manufacturing, architectural decoration, doors and Windows, floors and other fields.